2011's Last Creation

Happy New Year Friends!!

About two weeks before Christmas, I was commissioned to make a bridesmaid dress for a petite little thang before she boarded a plane to Asia on New Years Day. 

Knowing it was a tight deadline and knowing it the Holidays and knowing I was going to be busy with family and travel and other things I stupidly fill my time with....  I said yes anyway. 

She gave me the fabric (Thai silk) and an idea of the type of dress she wanted.  I modeled it off of a Vogue pattern (1192) and made a few alterations to make it seem more bridesmaids-y (cut the back into a V, shortened it, altered the sleeves from a cap to a tank)

I won't go into the number of alterations or the amount of stress I was under on New Years Eve day racing against time to get the dress done, but after the last thread was snipped and the sweat was wiped from my brow, I finished 2011's last creation.

I had enough time for a shower and make-up so we could bring in 2012 at the San Francisco Symphony!