Famous Last Words

Warning: Ugly pictures ahead - so here's something pretty instead:
illustration by Julia Rothman
There is much deliberation over the innerwebs over the exact phrasing of Oscar Wilde’s infamous last words. Some say it was curtains, some say it was the wallpaper. Either way… If it’s the wallpaper, I wholeheartedly agree. 

I have nearly rid all of the rooms in my home of the wallpaper. Aside from the wallpaper in my kitchen (which is just waiting for my piggy bank to be full enough for a complete demo/remodel – targeted for 2014 – unless anyone wants to offer donations speed things along), all that is left of my wallpaper cleanse is my guest-bedroom/soon-to-be-office.

As is consistent with the other rooms in the house it is a lovely combination of 1975 wallpaper + paint (or varnish or thinset or mud/glue/clay – take your pick) + 1954 wallpaper. 

Trust me when I say its all very lovely ugly.

at least my nails look pretty
Have I yet conveyed the message that …






Have I yet conveyed the message that I am also sick of whatever my lovely grandparents-who-lived-through-the-depression-and-by-the-credo: 

"Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without"

So whatever it was that they had to use it up or wear it out, they decided to do between layers of wallpaper.  There are two different kinds on this wall too... One is a clay like substance, and the other is more like glue (above)...  Me and My steamer weren't happy with this. 
Anyway...by the end of the weekend (if my social calendar doesn't get in the way - which it is already threatening to do), I will have the rest of this wall and ceiling wallpaper free and then I can start the fun part.... PAINTING!

Amazing transformation coming soon!!
Have a great weekend!

Gratuitous Pictures of My 'Kids'

Its been a while since I've had an update on my 'kids' aka Rico and Riley also known as the reason why I have to vacuum frequently.  

Rico's a kick.  He is a bad ass and rules the house.  He thinks he is a dog and was sorely disappointed when Riley entered the picture.  Despite his spunk and personality, he is also a lover.... but the best way to get him to love you is to fight him first.  Rico likes to play hard.  

Here is Rico and how he likes to sleep: 

Here is an example of how big/long he is: 
 31 inches not including his tail

He decided one day to take over Riley's Crate and Riley was not too pleased: 

Riley's been really good lately.  When we brought him home two years ago, I kind of just accepted the fact that he would be this goofy-in-your-face-not-quite-good-but-only-wants-to-please kind of pup.  After an unfortunate series of events while staying with 'grandpa' while we were out of town one of which resulted in many adventures including a 6 foot long leash being chewed to the size of this: 

We enrolled him in Doggy Bootcamp - complete with a Marine instructor and lets just say I set my expectations really low.  Despite my low expectations, he's a completley different dog.   He genuinely wants to listen, and genuinely wants to please. 

Here are my favorites that melt my heart: 

Use that Q on a triple word score!

I like going for rides in cars

any one see my other flip flops?

I do not like baths

Damn I'm a foxy pup

I just want to make sure you don't leave with out me

Sometimes I go topless

Mom, you really need to get me a softer pillow
 And that, my friends concludes this edition of my photo dump of my furry friends. 

But WAIT...  There's more!  One of the things in Riley's trainings is to actually do what we tell him to do and not move until we 'release' him.  Every.single.time I go for a run, he's in my face, making all sorts of fuss because I take too long getting dressed or tying my shoes.  On one particular Saturday morning, I made him go into a long down as I took my time getting dressed, tying my shoes, getting my music ready, etc...  After about 10 minutes of this he got antsy and decided to tell me exactly what he was thinking...  God Bless this guy.  He makes me smile so much!

Knock Your Fox Off!!

I picked up a fun and foxy door knocker from Anthropologie the other day. 

Cute, no? (ok, let's not hold back... its A-DOOR-ABLE!!)

I'm excited to put it on my front door...

The Dilemma...  Do I paint it like Bailey (ala Peppermint Bliss) did? 


Or will the quick orange fox look too cartoony against my yellow house and blue door?  

Here's my door again...

I'm tempted to leave it as is... but unpainted brass is so ORDINARY...  then again a foxy door knocker is anything but ordinary...  Maybe I should paint it more of an orangey brown as opposed to ORANGE... 

What to do... what to do...   What do you think?