Happy Halloween!!

I recently received the award for fewest blog posts in a month...  To get this award, you need to do a few very specific things...

First... Grab a tub of popcorn...

Make sure it is home-made, BUTTERED

 (Grade A) popcorn

Drink your milk (and line up your ghosts)

And you just might get lucky with a pot of gold

Under the Rainbow!

Happy Halloween!!

Super Cape

My first attempt at a superman cape was apparently a success as I received an order for a girly (pink) cape for his little sister. 

With my cousin's daughter's second birthday party on the calendar, I made super cape part deux pink.

It was such a hit, she went as supergirl for Halloween!

Opening things up

Just to give you a little update my mee ole entryway...

Towards the end of last month, I finally had the hardwood floors repaired, replaced and refinished throughout my living room, entryway and hallway (Looks sooooo!!  good!!). Last weekend I took down the retro brown slats separating the entryway from the living room and painted the remaining brown wood.

I had a beautiful custom made latice made to put in place of the slats, but I think I am going to leave it open.  Much brighter and more inviting. 

 What a difference it makes! 

(you like my Halloween decorations too?)

Bling Bling ChaChing

My friends Amy and Phil got married over the weekend...  In an attempt to celebrate (embarrass) her on our last semi social outing before the big 'I Do'...  I decided to make her an engagement ring tiara

Here is a list of supplies:
- a headband
- gold spray paint
- an acrylic bathroom sink knob
- tulle
- LED light
- glue gun

Spray paint the headband gold, replace the hardware in the knob with an LED light, glue gun the heck out of it, and there, my friends is how you make a glowing engagement ring headband for a beautiful bride to be!

Pardon the iphone picture. 

Congratulations to the happy couple!

(that's not their real wedding attire btw)