This morning as I opened up my reader...
a mere microseconds after I posted my latest pink-infused blog on running shoes...

I happened across the following post by blue-eyed freckle 

Guess what its about? 

My brand spankin' new running shoes!!

I think we may be on to something!

Hey Everybody! Look at Me!

I love Pink.
I like to stand out
maybe that's why I'm drawn to it
It makes me giddy
Makes me want to yell

HEY EVERYBODY!! Look at me!

I'm also a runner
I can't say I love it the way I love pink...
but its in my blood...
If I haven't run in a while, I get antsy
And no matter how much pain I'm in or out of breath I get,
I always feel like a rockstar afterwards

A few years ago, I trained for some marathons,
and experienced extreme joint pain
I haven't been able to pass the five mile mark ever since
Physical Therapy just told me I have a weak glute muscle

To me, that was a weak-ass response.

While in Chicago on business a few months ago, was introduced to the concept of barefoot running... I was intrigued… It made sense... The ball of your foot absorbs the shock /impact instead of your heels/knees/hips.  I liked the sound of that. 

Then it slipped my mind

My latest bout of knee problems suddenly had me questioning my shoes.   And then someone pretty fantastic mentioned to me the Nike Free. After additional research I learned they mimic barefoot running.

Flashbacks of Chicago came 'running' back

So I checked them out and ordered a pair

Guess what? 


Hey Everybody, Look at me!!

Gotta run!!  


Feel Good Friday - Wardrobe Edition

So If I had a town, I'd name it Anne-ville
- and as Mayor of Anne-ville...

I'd mandate mandatory theme days,
encouraging the citizens of Anne-ville
to get creative (but not inappropriate) with their wardrobes.

Even on non-theme days, I'd encourage all to seek fun and flair

Like this for instance...
Vivienne Westwood
I'd wear it to work; It'd be my business suit...
And the layers of tulle could change depending on my mood or the holiday.
If I'm feeling a little zesty, I'd change the layers to neon yellows & greens
If I'm feeling a bit saucy, I might do pinks and oranges.

Greens for St. Patty's Day
Pinks and Reds for Valentine's day
Red White and Blue for July 4th
Harvest colors for Thanksgiving Day

Oh my!  So many options!!

I think wearing this, I'd also have no choice 
but to dance and get my groove on too... 

Betty Draper's Kitchen

Meet Betty Draper's Kitchen

For those of you who don't know Betty Draper,
She's married (for now) to the handsome, but tortured Don Draper of Mad Men

Do you think.. when Betty and Don decided on kitchen decor,
they stopped off at my grandparents' house for an idea of their tastes and preferences?

I think Don preferred the lines and texture of their bedroom wallpaper

And Betty expressed a fondness of their kitchen cabinets...

I'm just sayin'...

Introducing Riley

This is Rico

He's a badass
(am I allowed to say that on this?)

If you're human, you're cool...
If you're a dog...
Watch out
He'll have you backed into a corner

He's a little territorial

Which is fine when the occasional dog visits...
Because they eventually go home...

but THIS guy...

Is here to stay. 

Introducing Riley (Hi Riley!)

Rico is not a fan of Riley.

Feel Good Friday

Welcome to Feel Good Friday - where I hope to share things with you that make me feel good - only on Fridays.  The rest of the week we'll all just have to get used to feeling bad

This sculpture (that currently resides in the Lourve)
absolutely takes my breath away

Antonio Canova's Cupid and Psyche 1787

I first saw it when I was 17
I was in awe
Its beauty and emotion stopped me dead
I had to breathe and tell my heart to start again

I went back when I was 29

and I felt 17 again

I was filled with love


Splendor (not the fake sugar, but the REAL thing!)

I'm addicted

Wish I could carry it in my pocket


I admit fell off of the blogosphere for a couple weeks.
Maybe I was catching up on sleep or enjoying the sunshine. 

During my hiatus, I visited with a friend from Chicago
Here we are on her wedding day

She picked out this Anthropologie dress to wear
to her brother's wedding later this summer

But she wasn't quite sure how to accessorize. 
The dress has very subtle yellow accents and less subtle navy accents.

One of my favorite things about getting dressed
is not only the color possibilities, but the accessories too! 
I couldn't wait to offer suggestions!
(in fact I did so before she even had a chance to ask)

 Immediately I wanted to focus on the navy and yellow and find articles
that will pull the colors out of the garment
so they don't go unnoticed.
Navy Christian Louboutin pumps
(or any navy peep toe pump will do)
with a small yellow flower clipped to the toes
...or in her hair?

And of course a navy handmade clutch!
in a subtle print?

And to tie it all in, I visioned yellow jewelry 
Bright, happy, simple to compete the look!

Just my two cents... fashion sense
I can't wait to see how she decides to pull together details of her outfit!

A Lady's Guide to Home Depot

Saturday night - 11:56pm
A friend was in town for another friend's bridal shower
We were standing in the hallway near the bathroom
discussing the plan for Sunday when suddently we hear ...

"Gurgle Gurgle, Gulp Gulp" 

We locked eyes for a brief moment and I was scared to investigate
(but investigate I did)

DIRTY GRAY water SPEWING from my bathtub AND shower. 

Welcome to Home Ownership!

In total it backed up about three inches deep. 

Not fun. 

All the people who I know that know about plumbing
were either out of state or not answering their phone. 


Did I mention a bridal shower and that I was the hostess?

I made an executive decision:
Deal with bridal shower first, spewing shower second
(and pray my house wouldn't flood)

We bathed the next morning at my parents' house 
(thanks Mom/Dad!)

And I wore a pretty blue sundress and matching blue espadrilles
(I was cute)

The bridal shower was a success!!

With one shower taken care of, we hit Home Depot plumbing aisle
And I got help almost immeditely
from an employee in an orange apron
And a man in a black shirt
And a guy with a mustache
And another with a weird smell

They all recommended the same thing
I took it home and it worked

Moral of the story:
When going to Home Depot,
dress like you've just come from a bridal shower
People will be glad to offer assistance.