Hey Everybody! Look at Me!

I love Pink.
I like to stand out
maybe that's why I'm drawn to it
It makes me giddy
Makes me want to yell

HEY EVERYBODY!! Look at me!

I'm also a runner
I can't say I love it the way I love pink...
but its in my blood...
If I haven't run in a while, I get antsy
And no matter how much pain I'm in or out of breath I get,
I always feel like a rockstar afterwards

A few years ago, I trained for some marathons,
and experienced extreme joint pain
I haven't been able to pass the five mile mark ever since
Physical Therapy just told me I have a weak glute muscle

To me, that was a weak-ass response.

While in Chicago on business a few months ago, was introduced to the concept of barefoot running... I was intrigued… It made sense... The ball of your foot absorbs the shock /impact instead of your heels/knees/hips.  I liked the sound of that. 

Then it slipped my mind

My latest bout of knee problems suddenly had me questioning my shoes.   And then someone pretty fantastic mentioned to me the Nike Free. After additional research I learned they mimic barefoot running.

Flashbacks of Chicago came 'running' back

So I checked them out and ordered a pair

Guess what? 


Hey Everybody, Look at me!!

Gotta run!!  



Katie said...

I can't wait to hear what you think...OMG if there was a way I could run again, I would LOVE it!

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