Feel Good Friday - Wardrobe Edition

So If I had a town, I'd name it Anne-ville
- and as Mayor of Anne-ville...

I'd mandate mandatory theme days,
encouraging the citizens of Anne-ville
to get creative (but not inappropriate) with their wardrobes.

Even on non-theme days, I'd encourage all to seek fun and flair

Like this for instance...
Vivienne Westwood
I'd wear it to work; It'd be my business suit...
And the layers of tulle could change depending on my mood or the holiday.
If I'm feeling a little zesty, I'd change the layers to neon yellows & greens
If I'm feeling a bit saucy, I might do pinks and oranges.

Greens for St. Patty's Day
Pinks and Reds for Valentine's day
Red White and Blue for July 4th
Harvest colors for Thanksgiving Day

Oh my!  So many options!!

I think wearing this, I'd also have no choice 
but to dance and get my groove on too... 


Katie said...

Million dollar idea...just like those changable rings...a color changable skirt!! Love it...
BTW- my summer camp had a theme every week and Friday you dressed for the theme...I totally agree that the idea should replace "dress down" fridays. Wanna start it?

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