A Lady's Guide to Home Depot

Saturday night - 11:56pm
A friend was in town for another friend's bridal shower
We were standing in the hallway near the bathroom
discussing the plan for Sunday when suddently we hear ...

"Gurgle Gurgle, Gulp Gulp" 

We locked eyes for a brief moment and I was scared to investigate
(but investigate I did)

DIRTY GRAY water SPEWING from my bathtub AND shower. 

Welcome to Home Ownership!

In total it backed up about three inches deep. 

Not fun. 

All the people who I know that know about plumbing
were either out of state or not answering their phone. 


Did I mention a bridal shower and that I was the hostess?

I made an executive decision:
Deal with bridal shower first, spewing shower second
(and pray my house wouldn't flood)

We bathed the next morning at my parents' house 
(thanks Mom/Dad!)

And I wore a pretty blue sundress and matching blue espadrilles
(I was cute)

The bridal shower was a success!!

With one shower taken care of, we hit Home Depot plumbing aisle
And I got help almost immeditely
from an employee in an orange apron
And a man in a black shirt
And a guy with a mustache
And another with a weird smell

They all recommended the same thing
I took it home and it worked

Moral of the story:
When going to Home Depot,
dress like you've just come from a bridal shower
People will be glad to offer assistance.


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