I'm still playing with the wall above the sofa in my living room.  Its undergone a few transitions Here, here, and here.  My most recent change is now my happy wall-o-fun.  

I've collected happy prints and fun quotes and have since created a gallery of inspiration and happiness.

so far so good... I think

36 years and a piece of cake

36 Years ago, these two

were sharing a piece of cake... 

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!
I hope you view the last 36 years more or less as 'a piece of cake'...
Sometimes gooey but mostly sweet

bedding and little girl dresses

I picked up this bedding about a month ago.  It was bright and colorful and happy and on clearance.... So naturally I couldn't resist. 

the fact that it was a KING and i have not a king sized bed in the house didn't deter me.  You see, my dear friends, I am a seamstress and nearly nothing is off limits to my seamstress skillz.   So, using a pre-existing duvet cover as a guide, I whacked off a chunk of fabric off the side and converted it to a queen.

That's not all folks.  
Nadia, the cute as a button 3 year old daughter of Lisa and Bert, recently had a princess birthday.  I couldn't attend because I was already committed to a Jello shots (once Nadia hits college, she'll understand).    

So, I picked up a top in the kids section at Target and made a matching skirt with the what was left of Mr. King Bedding.  

Oh!  but wait!!  Molly, another friend's daughter, turns one today.  
So I made a pint sized one for her too.  
Her mom asked me to make her one in her size.   
How flattering!


This was my view this morning as I was reading a book, enjoying the summer sun

One would think I was in the mountains, perhaps near a mountain lake. 
Instead I was sunning in my back patio.

Right in the middle of suburbia


Came across this quote a couple weeks ago and I can't help but think of my dad.  

 (via littlemissanje)

When he gets laughing, nothing is funnier.  As evidenced here... way back in '74

A day for Dad

Today we had a family excursion to:

I have a new (to me) DSLR and this was an opportunity to play with the settings and get to know my little Nikon friend a bit better

 'B' is for Best (as in Best Dad Ever!)

 This is the kind of Ferrari I could fall in love with.

I can't decide if I like this grill... 

 or this one...

or this one best... what do you think?

 This caught my eye immediately (probably because I have a pair of matching shoes!)

I <3 Cadillacs

and... I <3 my dad
Even if he is a bit Goofy

Jello + vodka = vows?

Once upon a time, in a land called Palo Alto...

 had two room mates.


It was like Threes Company in reverse 
(without Mr. Ferley)

After 5 years together, she I moved out
(this was 3 years ago)

Yesterday, this one got hitched

He's a bit of a character and considered family.

So I wasn't surprised (but definitely honored) when he and his bride asked me to contribute something specific and special to their vows.  

Jello shots.


250 of them.

Made with love!

Congratulations Jenny and Chris!

Saturday Morning...

First order of business...


is a run with my pup!

Dinner anyone?

Dining room on Move-in Day - March 2010

 Dining Room on Baby Shower day - May 2011 

ya, ya, ya... I know I still have some finishing touches (ceiling, lighting, floors,etc) but 


at the difference....

Anyone want to come over for dinner?  You will no longer be forced to eat on the floor around the coffee table.  I'm baking Brownie(point)s to whoever wants to install a lighting fixture!

Funner days

Funner is not necessarily a word, but when it comes to work, I've lately seen funner days. (sigh)

Of course, its nothing that can't be made better by a fancy spreadsheet or a hike with a good friend or a new favorite song!!

Maybe its a sign that the album dropped this year on my BIRTHDAY! (maybe?)

Back eventually with a dining room update!!   
To keep you on your toes, here is my 'Before'

I know, the suspense is killing you!