Pop of Color!

I decided this week
my living room needs a POP of color

Nevermind the fact I have a pink(ish) wall

(it was supposed to be more orange-y)
I kind of like it, so I'm keeping it

Nevermind the fact I have this awesome BRIGHT YELLOW vespa poster that my brother wrapped and hid under my parents' house one Christmas.  There are spiders and other icky things under there, so I refused to retrieve it.  

My dad did it for me.  

But I digress...

POP of Color
Forget about the wall and forget about the Vespa...
Let's focus on a rug...

I'm falling in love with these...

Angela Adams Betty Rug

The Rug Company Sellarsbrook Rug

Bev Hisey Moroccan Carpet

(Hey Bev - my birthday is coming up!!)


Katie said...

I love the wall - it SCREAMS Anne!

Anne-tastic! said...

wait 'til you see how I've changed it... stay tuned

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