Belated Earth Day Art

Before I moved into my house.  The people who like me the best (or perhaps the worst?) organized a housewarming party. 

but I wasn't invited. 

In fact, I didn't know anything about it. 

They decorated my place with stickers and Hawaiian leis and easter eggs and bottles of wine and yardsale signs and ugly unwanted framed prints from their own places.   I drank the wine, took down the yardsale signs, and moved the ugly unwanted framed prints to the garage.  I left a few hawaiian leis and easter eggs lurking about - for fun.  They make me smile. 

So, moving on.  This weekend in the midst of bridal showers and Easter feasts, I tackled my garage (It looked like an episode of Hoarders) to determine what to keep, what to donate, what to Craigslist and what to Ebay.  One of the things that was on its way to anything but the 'keep' pile was this ugly unwanted framed print (acquired at aforementioned housewarming party). 

West Elm - 2008 (Thanks Phil!  Steve?)
 And then I thought better of myself.  So... In honor of Earth Day (belated), I bring you a repurpose with a purpose! 

With a couple cans of spray paint already on hand and a colorful vintage scarf (also found in said garage), THIS

is now what resides on my living room wall!   Now that its up, I'm thinking I need to repaint the frame a different color or perhaps find it a different wall - but that is another project for another day and I'm OK with it for now.     

Happy Easter!

Duct tape

Google images of duct tape clothing, dresses and you'll be impressed with what you find. High school girls make their prom dresses out of this stuff (1 - I wish I knew about it & 2 - I wish I had the guts to follow through with something like this during my high school years)

With a 'Red Dress' event scheduled for this past Saturday, Alison came to me with a challenge and project: Make a dress out of duct tape. 


Step 1: start off with a dress to use as a base.  For her it was a beach cover up she never really wore.

Step 2: Apply Duct tape

Step 3: Have a sip of wine (and then some)

Step 4: Continue your way down the dress

 Step 5: Refill your wine glass

Step 6: When finished duct taping, add another layer of tape for extra coverage

Step 7: Realize the bottom half is too structured and there is no room for movement

Step 8: whip out scissors and begin alterations

Step 9: Add accessories and get ready to party!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

Mad Hattresses

It all started with a jaunt downtown to pick up some goodies at the pharmacy on a sunny lazy Sunday with my housewife sister...  Two hours (and a cupcake) later we found ourselves in the midst of all of our party, prom, and bridesmaid dresses, getting ready for backyard photoshoot. 

You see, we both think we look mighty fine in hats.  Any kind of hat.  Cowboy hats, ski hats, baseball caps (even the occasional dunce cap)...  And when we stumbled upon Black Cat Hats, we had to go in and our lives will never be the same. 

 Under the Camelias

over the shoulder

Pretty girl off to the Derby

worn backwards

or forwards

eyeshadow view

again, backwards

or off to the side

I am in <3

Nice time of year for some flowers

don'tcha think!?

Curtain Vote!

The swatches are in everyone!! 

I have a hunch of which I'm going to go for, what about you?!? 
Leave a comment and cast your votes!!