Duct tape

Google images of duct tape clothing, dresses and you'll be impressed with what you find. High school girls make their prom dresses out of this stuff (1 - I wish I knew about it & 2 - I wish I had the guts to follow through with something like this during my high school years)

With a 'Red Dress' event scheduled for this past Saturday, Alison came to me with a challenge and project: Make a dress out of duct tape. 


Step 1: start off with a dress to use as a base.  For her it was a beach cover up she never really wore.

Step 2: Apply Duct tape

Step 3: Have a sip of wine (and then some)

Step 4: Continue your way down the dress

 Step 5: Refill your wine glass

Step 6: When finished duct taping, add another layer of tape for extra coverage

Step 7: Realize the bottom half is too structured and there is no room for movement

Step 8: whip out scissors and begin alterations

Step 9: Add accessories and get ready to party!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!


Unknown said...

I had a GREAT time making this with Anne! I knew I could count on her help with anything creative and fun! She is the best friend a Gal could ever ask for!

Stephanie B said...

Thaanks for this blog post

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