Mad Hattresses

It all started with a jaunt downtown to pick up some goodies at the pharmacy on a sunny lazy Sunday with my housewife sister...  Two hours (and a cupcake) later we found ourselves in the midst of all of our party, prom, and bridesmaid dresses, getting ready for backyard photoshoot. 

You see, we both think we look mighty fine in hats.  Any kind of hat.  Cowboy hats, ski hats, baseball caps (even the occasional dunce cap)...  And when we stumbled upon Black Cat Hats, we had to go in and our lives will never be the same. 

 Under the Camelias

over the shoulder

Pretty girl off to the Derby

worn backwards

or forwards

eyeshadow view

again, backwards

or off to the side

I am in <3


Lisa said...

Oh good lord! I love it!

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