Yo Yo Yo Yogurt!

A package arrived a while ago from someone kind enough to wish me a happy half birthday (it was in February - I won't fault the rest of you for not acknowledging it - just make note for next year)

It was a yogurt maker.  I know, sounds like an AWESOME gift for someone turning 30 (and three halves), right?  

See, the thing was, I was intrigued by this home made yogurt process and interested in trying it on my own so I was MORE than pleased when one arrived on my doorstep one day.  The best part was, it was Pink!!

  Easiyo, yo?  You think Easiyo would imply would easy, right?  on the FIFTH TRY (please note: food prep was never a strong point).

 The thing that kept killing me every time (aside from adding the cultures to overheated milk and thus killing the cultures) was the fact I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk. (YUM!)  All supporting documents say you can make yogurt from almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, cow milk, goat milk, etc.  so I was pulling my hair out because it wasn't working. 

Then it hit me.  UNSWEETENED vanilla almond milk.  Yogurt cultures need LACTOSE (aka SUGAR) to breed and thrive and make yogurt. (chemistry was never a strong point either) My previous tries had no SUGAR! 

So anyway... now that it works, its delicious and I am looking forward to experimenting with fun flavors!  

Muchas Gracias!!

Helga went shopping

at the thrift store and came home with this modest number.

She also bought an antique $9 milk glass lamp that is the same as a lamp (or pair of lamps) that lives/d at

a) my parents
b) my garage
c) the family cabin
d) unknown (but it does look mighty familiar!)

But that's boring compared to the Blingety Bling she's got on today. 

Living room update

 I am really enjoying my new living room paint color - Frosty Mint by Dunn Edwards

  It is soft and soothing and seems to compliment (cool down) perfectly my pinky orange wall (phew!)

(Hi Rico!)

Scroll back up to the first pic (ok, fine I'll post it again!)

Notice the molding (moulding?) around the window to the right?  With the dark (ugly) shutters gone, I spent $11 and 15 minutes installing it late last week.  I also added a curtain rod to hang cafe curtains allowing plenty of light, but also privacy because Riley is a voyeur

yes, my windows are filthy, but that's what you get with a dog with a wet nose and no depth perception!

Next up is fancy curtains.  I ordered some fabric swatches and they should arrive this week.  I'm deciding between green, turquoise or yellow.  Stay tuned!!

How to install ceiling tiles

So we all know by now the issues my house has I have with wallpaper.  As in it is everywhere

on the walls
the ceiling
under paint
over paint

fun fun. 

As you can see, the dining room ceiling/wallpaper/paint/wallpaper is the bane of my existence and has been since Memorial day weekend (when I unsuccessfully attempted to strip the paint from the ceiling and then gave up)  

So this weekend, (with some help), I finally got to work on a solution that would pretty it up a bit.

Step 1: Carefully measure (at multiple locations) and place furring strips; secure with a nail gun

Step 2: Attempt to install tiles with a nail gun
Step 3: realize that doesn't work.
Step 4: Go to hardware store for a staple gun and staples
Step 5: Eat a cookie
Step 6: Go back to hardware store for right sized staples
Step 7: Realize the second set of staples still don't fit
Step 8: Eat 2 cookies
Step 9: repeat step 6 except at a different hardware store because the first hardware store already commented/snickered/joked on your inability to select the right staples the first time around
Step 10: Begin stapling ceiling tiles to furring strips

Step 11: Begin to realign furring strips because they weren't aligned properly during step 1
Step 12: Eat a cookie
Step 13: Continue realigning furring strips
Step 14: Ditch the cookies for a margarita and think about coming back to this another day.  

Fantasy Kitchen

I'm gettin' stuff done around the house.  The living room walls are now a lovely shade of Dunn Edwards Frosty Mint.  The heavy dark shutters are gone (seen here: don't mind the pole) This weekend I'm gettin' my dining room ceiling installed (cross your fingers)...

And at the bequest of more than one amigo/amiga, I'm kinda sorta maybe contimplating entering my kitchen to get redid on one of those fancy home reno shows.  its a long shot, but doesn't hurt to try, right?!   In the mean time I must find time to write my script, get my hair and make up glamour-proof for my entry video and... we'll see....

So... In my fantasyland where my kitchen is already done... it will be a beauty. Fit for Royalty really...  It will be like eating with Will and Kate every day; especially with this keepin' things cool!


Happy St. Pats (and reminder to donate!)

Every year, my friend hosts a St. Patricks Day weekend.  Typically this weekend can see a pub crawl, wine tasting, house party, Twister on a bus and lots of shenanigans. 

 In honor of this green holiday, I'm sharing some pictures of me through the years.



Now that the fun has been shared... If you have the resources, don't forget to donate to the Japan relief.  For a list of charities, visit here

Thoughts on Japan and other things

My cousin sent me a text shortly after I woke up last Friday offering her prayers for everyone on the Pacific. Until that point, I was blissfully unaware of the earthquake in Japan and the tsunami warnings hitting our coast thousands of miles away. Seeing the pictures and hearing the stories of what is happening is heartbreaking. For those of us in California, earthquakes are just a part of life here. Every now and again we’ll get a jolt and sometimes it feels like a mini roller coaster ride and I have to admit, the little ones are a little fun. The reality is a big one can hit and hit at any time.

If you have the resources, donate to the American Red Cross or any organization whose mission is to aid those in desperate need of food, water, shelter and comfort. This goes beyond money… What about blankets, clothing, canned food, even blood - you'd be surprised how high the need for blood is regardless of natural disasters. Though this tragedy happened on a different continent, any bit can help and we would certainly appreciate it should a disaster reach us.

Also… this is a reminder to build or refresh an emergency kit in the event tragedy strikes us. This is more than band aids and water… think food, flashlights, warm clothes, and think about your pets and family members too. A great resource for disaster preparedness is here.

Baby boy onesies

I was commissioned to make some boy onesies for shower held today…

I figured one for a special occasion

One for the office...

Another for hanging out on the ranch

(don’t forget his tush)

And finally showin' pride for his daddy’s '67 Cougar!


that kid on the playground

Not only is my pup the 'close talking' kid on the playground
but he's also the 'close talking' kid on the playground with allergies!

name that movie!

He turns bright pink  
and his paws are unBEARably itchy
and he's prone to ear infections

The vet's had enough... Tuesday he's off to the

Yee Haw!

We'll start a long process to find out what he's allergic to
We just hope its not ...

The first sign I am turning into my mother

I suddenly want to shop at Talbots

(remember, this is only the first)

(if it isn't already implied, the above graphics came from www.talbots.com)

another post on paint

If I think something is a waste of time, I’ll find a shortcut and USUALLY it works out in my favor – for instance… when I sew, I abhor cutting and pinning patterns, so I typically don’t and I have yet to have this backfire on me (cross fingers, knock on wood).

Looks like I can use a bit more practice before I apply it to choosing a paint color.
Damn lighting and the difference it makes!

My hallway / entryway gets minimal natural light. It gets even less artificial light because the hall light a) doesn’t work & b) is getting replaced (those two aren't necessarily related). That being said, the gray I selected for my hallway/entryway

ended up being a little too bluish for my tastes, especially against the yellow doors (it screamed ‘Beach Cottage!’). So this weekend I picked up some samples from Dunn Edwards and I actually took the time to paint them on various different walls in different lights. think I settled on

I’ll also extend this into the other half of the house where the bedrooms reside. While I was at it, I picked up more samples for the living room, where I settled on:

This should cool off the warmth my pinky/orange (see color below) wall emanates

You might be thinking *PUKE* or *Candy Shop!*  But don't worry.  I have a vision and my vision will prevail!  If not, I have planz - more on that later.... AND FINALLY I selected

For the exterior front door make-over scheduled later this spring.

Tule fog and Adonis glow graphics courtesy of Kelly Moore
Silver Spoon, Frosty Mint and The Blues graphics courtesy of Dunn Edwards

Happy March!