Yo Yo Yo Yogurt!

A package arrived a while ago from someone kind enough to wish me a happy half birthday (it was in February - I won't fault the rest of you for not acknowledging it - just make note for next year)

It was a yogurt maker.  I know, sounds like an AWESOME gift for someone turning 30 (and three halves), right?  

See, the thing was, I was intrigued by this home made yogurt process and interested in trying it on my own so I was MORE than pleased when one arrived on my doorstep one day.  The best part was, it was Pink!!

  Easiyo, yo?  You think Easiyo would imply would easy, right?  on the FIFTH TRY (please note: food prep was never a strong point).

 The thing that kept killing me every time (aside from adding the cultures to overheated milk and thus killing the cultures) was the fact I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk. (YUM!)  All supporting documents say you can make yogurt from almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, cow milk, goat milk, etc.  so I was pulling my hair out because it wasn't working. 

Then it hit me.  UNSWEETENED vanilla almond milk.  Yogurt cultures need LACTOSE (aka SUGAR) to breed and thrive and make yogurt. (chemistry was never a strong point either) My previous tries had no SUGAR! 

So anyway... now that it works, its delicious and I am looking forward to experimenting with fun flavors!  

Muchas Gracias!!


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