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If I think something is a waste of time, I’ll find a shortcut and USUALLY it works out in my favor – for instance… when I sew, I abhor cutting and pinning patterns, so I typically don’t and I have yet to have this backfire on me (cross fingers, knock on wood).

Looks like I can use a bit more practice before I apply it to choosing a paint color.
Damn lighting and the difference it makes!

My hallway / entryway gets minimal natural light. It gets even less artificial light because the hall light a) doesn’t work & b) is getting replaced (those two aren't necessarily related). That being said, the gray I selected for my hallway/entryway

ended up being a little too bluish for my tastes, especially against the yellow doors (it screamed ‘Beach Cottage!’). So this weekend I picked up some samples from Dunn Edwards and I actually took the time to paint them on various different walls in different lights. think I settled on

I’ll also extend this into the other half of the house where the bedrooms reside. While I was at it, I picked up more samples for the living room, where I settled on:

This should cool off the warmth my pinky/orange (see color below) wall emanates

You might be thinking *PUKE* or *Candy Shop!*  But don't worry.  I have a vision and my vision will prevail!  If not, I have planz - more on that later.... AND FINALLY I selected

For the exterior front door make-over scheduled later this spring.

Tule fog and Adonis glow graphics courtesy of Kelly Moore
Silver Spoon, Frosty Mint and The Blues graphics courtesy of Dunn Edwards


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