Living room update

 I am really enjoying my new living room paint color - Frosty Mint by Dunn Edwards

  It is soft and soothing and seems to compliment (cool down) perfectly my pinky orange wall (phew!)

(Hi Rico!)

Scroll back up to the first pic (ok, fine I'll post it again!)

Notice the molding (moulding?) around the window to the right?  With the dark (ugly) shutters gone, I spent $11 and 15 minutes installing it late last week.  I also added a curtain rod to hang cafe curtains allowing plenty of light, but also privacy because Riley is a voyeur

yes, my windows are filthy, but that's what you get with a dog with a wet nose and no depth perception!

Next up is fancy curtains.  I ordered some fabric swatches and they should arrive this week.  I'm deciding between green, turquoise or yellow.  Stay tuned!!


Katie said...

I vote yellow!!

Lisa said...

YELLOW! I vote for yellow!!!!

Anne-tastic! said...

I'm leanint towards yellow too...but you'd be surprised how good the turquoise or green looks agains this color! The sample should arrive tomorrow... so maybe a new post this weekend?

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