How to install ceiling tiles

So we all know by now the issues my house has I have with wallpaper.  As in it is everywhere

on the walls
the ceiling
under paint
over paint

fun fun. 

As you can see, the dining room ceiling/wallpaper/paint/wallpaper is the bane of my existence and has been since Memorial day weekend (when I unsuccessfully attempted to strip the paint from the ceiling and then gave up)  

So this weekend, (with some help), I finally got to work on a solution that would pretty it up a bit.

Step 1: Carefully measure (at multiple locations) and place furring strips; secure with a nail gun

Step 2: Attempt to install tiles with a nail gun
Step 3: realize that doesn't work.
Step 4: Go to hardware store for a staple gun and staples
Step 5: Eat a cookie
Step 6: Go back to hardware store for right sized staples
Step 7: Realize the second set of staples still don't fit
Step 8: Eat 2 cookies
Step 9: repeat step 6 except at a different hardware store because the first hardware store already commented/snickered/joked on your inability to select the right staples the first time around
Step 10: Begin stapling ceiling tiles to furring strips

Step 11: Begin to realign furring strips because they weren't aligned properly during step 1
Step 12: Eat a cookie
Step 13: Continue realigning furring strips
Step 14: Ditch the cookies for a margarita and think about coming back to this another day.  


Allie said...

Don't give up - I can totally tell it is going to look fabulous! Well done, you!

Katie said...

looking awesome:)

Anne-tastic! said...

It will look great, especially after I get a coat of paint on the walls! Target complete date: May 20th (ish) Someone's having her baby shower at my house!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add in the canine distraction of two pretty friendly pups.... That can always add a certain measure of problem when attempting to complete a project

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