I wanted to replace the print above my sofa with something that competes less with the BRIGHT YELLOW Vespa poster and my Pinky-Orange wall that I featured recently on this post... (don't get me wrong, I do love the print above the sofa, but bright yellow, intense paint and a floral print was just too much for my purty little eyes)

I picked up some prints on Etsy and other various online resources and plan to build a collage of Vespa-esque / Vespa-themed prints...  Here's a start:

and the full wall...

The print on the right started off like this...

but I decided it needed more color so I whipped out my kid sister's water colors and went to town

Here's a close up of the print on the left

sorry for the blur and the glare!!

Good enough for now... More changes to come I'm sure!

Guest Blogging!!

Over the last several years my mailbox has seen more wedding invitations than I have years on this planet.. and my closet boasts more bridesmaid dresses than any girl really knows what to do with... Who'd-a-thunk all that wedding experience would get me a guest blog spot at the Wedding Lens!??  check it out!!  

Happy Friday!!

TuTu Desk!

Check out this Tu Tu Desk, designed by
Anna Spiro of Absolutlely Beautiful Things

Picture it in Turquoise or ...
YELLOW (I'm on a yellow kick lately) 

Of course I have no place
for something like this in my little house...
but I'm always appreciative of a little fluff,
a little costuming, and dressing up -
even if its in the form of a desk.


Be Positive - Donate Blood!

My office is hosting a blood drive today. I tried to sign up, but it turns out I'm not eligible until TOMORROW.  Bummer

I donate every four to six weeks. I typically don't donate whole blood, but platelets and plasma. Its up to a two hour process... I get to relax, watch a movie and when I'm all done, I get a cookie (and sometimes a movie ticket or ice cream!) ... Oh ya, I'm saving lives too.  It really is a no brainer.

I've been donating regularly since I was a freshman in college minus the hiatus after I passed out and was too embarrassed to return (bodily fluids were involved).  So now I donate through Stanford Blood Centers and am pretty stoked on how Stanford runs things. They're pleasant, professional, incredibly gracious and do extensive community outreach.

When I received my fancy-dancy Stanford donor card in the mail, I was excited to see "Be Positive" in the lower left hand corner of my card. 

Such great Positive Messaging!  I remember thinking to myself, More organizations should be like this!

It took me a while to realize it actually said "B Positive" which is my blood type

Pop of Color!

I decided this week
my living room needs a POP of color

Nevermind the fact I have a pink(ish) wall

(it was supposed to be more orange-y)
I kind of like it, so I'm keeping it

Nevermind the fact I have this awesome BRIGHT YELLOW vespa poster that my brother wrapped and hid under my parents' house one Christmas.  There are spiders and other icky things under there, so I refused to retrieve it.  

My dad did it for me.  

But I digress...

POP of Color
Forget about the wall and forget about the Vespa...
Let's focus on a rug...

I'm falling in love with these...

Angela Adams Betty Rug

The Rug Company Sellarsbrook Rug

Bev Hisey Moroccan Carpet

(Hey Bev - my birthday is coming up!!)

Riley's Backseat

Riley's a big boy!

I didn't realize it until I tried to squeeze him in my front seat.  
It only happened once.
So he now hangs our comfortably in the backseat
But I have light colored leather seats

and big dogs can get dirty (slobbery too!)
It didn't take me long to realize the dirt would win
and my seats would lose

So off to the fabric store I went.

I picked up some fleece, double fold bias tape
and a nice, bright cotton. Maybe some thread too. 

Within a few hours, Riley had a comfortable place
and my seats can stay clean! 

It stays put by hooking around the headrests
and again under the seat!

And the underside is kind of fun too!


I occasionally come home to see something like this on my door or under my doormat...

Sometimes its about painting or landscaping or tree trimming.
It happens almost every week

But roofing flyers are the most popular...

(In my neighborhood, the roofs are all younger than me)

This year's extended wet and cold spring 
had me a-sweatin' a few nights...
I didn't know which would be the final 'blow' -
- the wind or the rain?

Fortunately my 'thatched' roof survived
but for how much longer?

Even Riley hounds me for a new roof...
Last night I came home and he said

"Roof Roof!"

I'll be calling for estimates soon.

Chlorophobia - fear of the color green

Earlier this week I happened on an awesome skirt on sale.

I love it!
Today I'm pairing it with a green tank top and pink cardigan
(and have you noticed my pink pumps?!) 

This afternoon, I'm off to a wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner hosted at the groom's parents' house.  I got into work and realized the mother of the groom has a serious aversion to green… So much that she will ask you to leave if you show up wearing it…

Me thinks I must go home and change!!

Feel Good Friday - Attitude is Altitude

I saw this earlier this week and MAN, did it jumpstart my day.

I can’t help but feel inspired and motivated by others with such great energy and a great outlook on life.  

Not that I’m any Negtative Nelly… but like everyone, I have my moments.

Its people like Nick Vujicic (born without arms or legs) that remind us that it isn’t about the odds stacked up against us… It is truly about how we choose to face those odds. 

I’d love to have 10 of these people in my inner circle to serve as my personal cheerleaders, advisors and mentors!  Think of how much happier the world would be and what we could accomplish if we had such an inner circle to help us squash all those things that tell you... "No way Jose... ain't gonna happen...'