Be Positive - Donate Blood!

My office is hosting a blood drive today. I tried to sign up, but it turns out I'm not eligible until TOMORROW.  Bummer

I donate every four to six weeks. I typically don't donate whole blood, but platelets and plasma. Its up to a two hour process... I get to relax, watch a movie and when I'm all done, I get a cookie (and sometimes a movie ticket or ice cream!) ... Oh ya, I'm saving lives too.  It really is a no brainer.

I've been donating regularly since I was a freshman in college minus the hiatus after I passed out and was too embarrassed to return (bodily fluids were involved).  So now I donate through Stanford Blood Centers and am pretty stoked on how Stanford runs things. They're pleasant, professional, incredibly gracious and do extensive community outreach.

When I received my fancy-dancy Stanford donor card in the mail, I was excited to see "Be Positive" in the lower left hand corner of my card. 

Such great Positive Messaging!  I remember thinking to myself, More organizations should be like this!

It took me a while to realize it actually said "B Positive" which is my blood type


Katie said...

Not suprising at all that even your blood type is happy

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