Wall-o-Vespa revisited

I've recently learned a couple things about myself.  I am not perfect (I know, shocking!) and I did not inherit my maternal grandmother's amazing painting skillz

Still not satisfied with my wall-o-Vespa in my living room... and inspired by abstract, bright paintings similar to:

above images via

I decided to try my hand it it.  Couldn't be that hard, right?  Smear some paint together and Voila, Right?  Wrong.  Let me just say it took me a month and at least 4 tries before I finally got something that didn't look like kindergarten finger painting. 

Not 100% satisfied so I'll keep playing around with it..  The canvas is just mix of two different shades of blue (trying to tie in the blue lamps) and it looks OK.  Maybe I'll keep playing around with it, adding more colors?  Not sure.   Still needs something.  

At least now you can see how Rico's new yellow rug fits in!  


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