Dear Santa

Thank you for following my blog and gifting me with a dress form because I was oh so good last year!  She and a variety of addons (read: padding to make her shape, size and curves similar to mine) arrived last week. 

I've christened her Helga, after my mom's dress form Hilda.
Here she is modelling my New Years Eve dress

isn't she Gorjus?!

Word of advice for those thinking of welcoming a Helga/Hilda into your lives: Wait a while to get used to her presence before watching ghost/scarey movies. That headless (but well dressed) figure in the corner of my room nearly gave me a heart attack as I was getting ready for bed last night.

I've got big plans for her  - more on that later  (and no it doesn't involve scaring hapless houseguests after midnight)


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