Danish is more than a pastry

It’s my heritage on my grandmother’s side. Of course the closest I get to embracing my Danish genes is every Christmas morning when we make Aebleskivers (a wonderfully delicious pastry fried in Crisco and rolled over in powdered sugar)…

Cholesteral and Christmas??  Yes Please!

There’s a story of my dad and uncle visiting Denmark when they were in college. All they had was a name and a photo of a store. So they arrived and suspiciously started poking around town for information on long lost relatives. Fortunately my uncle bore a strong resemblance to that side of the family, and they welcomed the two random American men with open arms. We are still in contact with them (thanks especially to Facebook!)

A branch of that same family came to visit recently which is always an excuse (in my mind) for a party so party is what we did – Here are various generations of the California branch of the Jorgensen clan together with our Danish relatives. It’s almost too complicated to dictate exactly how we’re all related, but trust me when I say we’re pretty much all cousins.


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