Puppy Tweets

Riley's Christmas present from some bunnies (Dusti & PJ - old bunnies buddies  friends from their Humane's Society days) was the generous gift of ...
After much begging from Riley and alleged thumping from the bunnies, I finally got it up and running and here are tonight's tweets:

Riley:I chase parked cars, you use wrinkle cream. I think that makes us even.

Riley:One man's trash is another dog's treasure. 

Riley:You're my best friend, but my chew toy and I have become very close.

Riley:Uh oh! It's getting late and I haven't finished scattering my toys all over the room for you to trip over.

Riley:My "puppy-dog eyes" seem to have no effect on the pantry door.

Riley:HEY YOU, STOP... ah, I'm pooped.

Riley:I <3 Animal Planet.

Riley:L'il help! Nose stuck in bird feeder!

Riley:I've got a new leash on life!

and my personal favorite:

Riley:I <3 my human!

If you feel the need to follow my pup's tweets, feel free to do so by following 'Tahlulamae' - I'm not really sure how this twitter thing works, but that's my twitter username!


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