Last summer through various blogs, I thought it would be fun to make my own vanilla extract, especially once I found out how easy it was!  

With a couple liters of Vodka (or any alcohol, really - my next batch will be from Malibu Rum... yum)
I split several Madagascar Vanilla beans down the middle (gosh they smelled delicious!)
I popped them right in the vodka bottle and threw them in my wine cupboard to sit for a couple months - Be sure to screw the cap on tight otherwise things could get messy. 

The most fun part of this process was shaking the vanilla every week (its the simple pleasures, really!)

The vanilla Vodka eventually morphed to vanilla extract and was done just in time for the holidays! I slapped some custom labels on the bottles I purchased from Specialty Bottle Co. and they were ready to give away as hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, etc :)  

Intended for baking, however if things get a little too stressful in the kitchen, also good for a shot (or two).


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