What's been going on at home?

Recently I got a bug up my derriere to start (and finish) some projects around the house - probably about time, eh?

here's an update (and preview of finished projects to come!)

#1:  Yellow doors.  Yes, you must be thinking ... 'Wha?!  Yellow doors?!'  And yes, I'm goin' bright.  Its true.  I'm kind of gambling here.  I have a vision in my head of a gray entryway and bold yellow doors (trust me, it will look awesome!).  I'm currently on my 4th shade of yellow and I'm considering a new shade of gray to get it right.  Here's a preview of the coat closet between the most recent shade of yellow and hopefully the last: 

and yes I could have painted over the previous yellows, but I had a snafu that required a reunion with an old love to help me strip the paint.  As you can see from the picture, the gray has a little blue which wasn't a part of my vision,... so I will continue playing with colors before I'm completely satisfied...

ADDITIONALLY... as you can see in the lower right hand corner... the floors... that's a whole other project I keep hoping will take care of itself! 

#2:  The dining room ceiling.  Ugh!!  This is the embarrassment of my life.  I cringe every time I look at the room and scold myself for living with it since I unsuccessfully attempted to remove the wallpaper which was over a layer of paint which was over a layer of wallpaper.  This is how far my old love and I got last spring:

(please don't judge me!)

And then it was a late night frozen yogurt run where we had the brilliant idea to just cover it up with a fancy schmancy tin ceiling... Voila!  Stay tuned.  It may be this weekend's project (wanna help?)

#3:  My trees - beautiful 40+ year old dense redwoods that I used to climb with my cousins as a kid.  Let just say the tree trimmers had their way with my trees and this little girl ain't happy.  My yard wasn't much to look at before, but now its barren and sad without my thick redwood canopy... So add Landscaping to pretty it up!   

#4:  And lastly (for now) - THIS... 

has been kickin' it in the bathtub since November.  You see... its supposed to be used with my nail gun (the black box off to the right) which will help me put up my crown molding... but I admit it... I'm a bit intimidated.  More with the miter saw and funky angles than the air compressor, but whatever ...

Crown Molding.
Heard its hard.
Not ready to go there yet. 

So there you have it... Feel free to offer any advice or help.  In exchange I've got beer, wine, vanilla extract, an abundance of yellow paint, and will even offer to buy you dinner!


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