Hey Phil - What's the Verdict?!

Happy Groundhogs day to y'all! 

It appears Spring has already sprung in these parts (it doesn't feel right, so I'll take a few more weeks of winter, thankyouverymuch)...  Weather aside, to add a little more Spring to our step... here's the latest on my yellow doors and gray walls. 

I told you I wanted to go bright... that I have a vision in my head of a gray entryway and bold yellow doors.  After purchasing 4 shades of yellow, I finally came to one that says HELLO, 'C'MON IN! NO NEED TO BE MELLOW - MY NAME IS YELLOW!

While I don't have many 'before pictures'... here is what I was dealing with before - and yes, that also refers to those who offered to 'help'.

Here's how it transformed:

There's still a few things I need to do (like privacy shades, finish painting the trim, put door knobs back on, light fixtures and of course - flooring)... 

But I'm likin' the way its shapin' up so far!

(back to the topic of flooring - who wants to help?)


Laura said...

I love the yellow doors!!! ... and the two-tone gray/white walls look fabulous. Nicely done, Anne.

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