Recreating the Recital Cardigan

I did a thing last year where I didn’t buy clothes for six months. If I could make it, I didn't buy it.   I made exceptions if it cost less than $15 and gave myself bonus points if I could also alter it. It was pretty cool to do and I wish I devoted more time to it. It helped wean me away from my crack dealer and my bank account thanked me for it.

So Apparently during my self proclaimed Anthropologie clothing fast, my dealer was selling this darling little thing (and I can't believe I MISSED it!!!).

I saw it on the anthroholic blog a few weeks ago and fell in love with it. I tried to buy it on ebay; giving myself a specific budget and I was outbid.

C’est la Vie, no?

So then I got to thinking… I already had THIS Anna Sui pattern at home…

Vogue 2850
Inspired, I spent a dozen or so bucks on a basic white knit fabric …

So sometime between now and Saturday morning (when I leave for a wine tasting event where people will be WOWed by my fashion choices) I’m going work my magic and see how well I can recreate it. That of course depends on whether I decide to be social these next couple evenings (with a hockey game tonight and birthday dinner tomorrow already on the calendar) and whether or not my pattern adaptation skills cooperate with the fabric chosen. I even have a few ideas for additional feminine touches.

Stay tuned!!


Elizabeth said...

Love that blouse! You will look amazing in it. What are you going to pair it with on the bottom and on your feet?

Anne-tastic! said...

Probably wear it with dark jeans and fun pumps.. I'll post pictures when complete!

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