Rico's Bedroom

Among the kajillion things I still have to do on the house, Rico’s Bedroom (aka the guest bedroom aka storage) is still unfinished and minus my clutter (work out gear, paint supplies, sewing goodies, “OMG company’s on its way!" stuff) it pretty much still looks like this. Which is what it looked like circa 1984 and probably before.

Notice the wallpaper on the ceiling (I know for a fact there is another layer underneath) and the wood panneling?  Yup.  Those will all go too...

 I've kept my eyes open for several months on bedding options for this room and narrowed it down to two.  Both are available at Bed Bath and Beyond (YAY 20% off coupons!). One of which will likely come home with me this weekend so I can choose some paint only to wait another several weeks (months) for me to clear out the clutter and get to work.

Barbara Barry Poetical
Echo Jaipur

I love them both in different ways, though I'm leaning towards the Jaipur because
a) its a smidgen cheaper and
b) I can have TONS of fun playing with the color combinations!

But I do love how soothing and classic the Barbara Barry is... Hm... decisions decisions
Leave a comment and let me know your vote!


Katie said...

Jaipur! It's so Anne!! I'm considering guest room options right now, and I think I'll go a little crazy too, since master and kid space both are going to be subdued.

Julie said...

I'm so boring, but I vote for the BB. Just saw a show on HGTV where they said a guest room should be a retreat from the rest of the house. Looks like you have lots of awesome bold color in your home so it might be a fun surprise to your guests that you've taken a departure. Whatever you decide, it will be lovely. Can you do my house next!?

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