Just another day at the beach

Woof Woof humans, its Riley here, guest blogging for the day.  

Just wanted to say HOW MUCH FUN today was.  

First the girls got ready to go somewhere 
(no day in the crate for me!)

THEN we went in the car and the roof (not to be confused with my signature 'woof') came off, so we drove and there was TONS of WIND and my EARS FLAPPED a lot.  

THEN we went to a dog park where there is water and rocks and sand and birds and I got to PLAY and RUN and JUMP

Then we came home and I had to get a bath - not nearly as good of an ending, but I'll gladly have a bath if that means I can run and play in the water like I did today!

I'm exhausted. I'm going back to sleep.  
All that running and playing and swimming sure takes a lot out of ya! 


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