Onsies Revisited

My dear friends welcomed Baby Molly into their family early last summer and for the last eight months, I've felt horrible that I never did anything for them to celebrate the birth of their daughter.

Well... with a long overdue girls' night looming last weekend, I figured this was the perfect thing for her to open over a pitcher of sangria and latin appetizers... so it was high time for me to get to work on a handful of onsies for this darling little girl with ginormous blue eyes... Nothing special, but here's a few snapshots of what a little fabric and sewing skillz can do to an already pre-made onsie.

Balloons!! (and yes I did remember to snip those extra threads)

 Heart (on the butt) perfect for Valentine's Day!

Baby Molly's initial

There's one more but it shows off my sub-par sewing skills so I will not be showcasing it in todays' blog post!


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