bedding and little girl dresses

I picked up this bedding about a month ago.  It was bright and colorful and happy and on clearance.... So naturally I couldn't resist. 

the fact that it was a KING and i have not a king sized bed in the house didn't deter me.  You see, my dear friends, I am a seamstress and nearly nothing is off limits to my seamstress skillz.   So, using a pre-existing duvet cover as a guide, I whacked off a chunk of fabric off the side and converted it to a queen.

That's not all folks.  
Nadia, the cute as a button 3 year old daughter of Lisa and Bert, recently had a princess birthday.  I couldn't attend because I was already committed to a Jello shots (once Nadia hits college, she'll understand).    

So, I picked up a top in the kids section at Target and made a matching skirt with the what was left of Mr. King Bedding.  

Oh!  but wait!!  Molly, another friend's daughter, turns one today.  
So I made a pint sized one for her too.  
Her mom asked me to make her one in her size.   
How flattering!


kathryn said...

I want one too please!

Unknown said...

Where did you get that bedding??

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