Ah... so you know how one moderately sized project can snowball out of control and you've either 

  a) accomplished way more than you ever envisioned or 
  b) uncovered about eight more projects that you currently don't have the time/money for

As was the case this weekend.  
Meet my two helpers. 

 (Hi Helpers!)

So Steve (above) and his girlfriend (not pictured above) bought a house about a year ago.  It is a beautiful 1930s Spanish style home that needs way more work than my house, so we often get together to discuss our latest project and we recently made a deal. I'd make them curtains and he'd come and help me retile my entryway.  

So first, the good news!  
1.  we no longer have to look at the ugly tile OR worry about pieces flying out from beneath painters tape whenever the dog, cat, or stilettos (cough Cough) walks by (see exhibit a).  

Exhibit A.
2. Under the tile was hardwood floor.  

work in progress
3. We decided to keep the hardwood floor.  Which in my mind meant it was less squarefootage to (re)tile.  (Don't get your party hats on just yet, we still have some bad news to come)

4.  We also decided to check under the living room carpet for more wooded goodness.  We moved the furniture to the back patio and said 'Adios' to el Carpet-o!

So, now I have to share the love with the bad news and a Spanish Lesson. 

UNO: it appears I was taking blurry pictures on Saturday.  (Mental note: don't forget to clean the lens after you get a slimey dog nose to it)

DOS: TERMITES. Yup.  There is termite damage in the first 9 feet of the entryway which would explain the tiles flying off when animals or high heels walk by (NO BUENO)

TRES: While hardwood floors are coveted amongst most home-owners, the fact I already have them is GOOD... but I didn't necessarily have a repair and refinish in the budget (bad)
TRES-A: We brought back in the living room carpet and (for now) are covering the post-tile-and-termite / pre-repair-and-refinish entryway floors.  I don't know which is uglier... the tile, the carpet or the termite injested floorboards.  

QUATRO: Also not budgeted is the new sink/vanity I decided would go great with the freshly tiled floors in my I-wasn't-ready-to-strip-wallpaper-(again)-and-paint front bathroom... But the Floor is pretty and it looks like this is my next room to tackle! 

Thanks a TON to Steve and my sister for your help and hardwork!


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