Outdoor Cinema

Poor landscaping aside, at a recent shin-dig hosted by yours truly, some friends came up with the fabulous idea to show movies against my garage wall as we all sit with blankets and lawn chairs with popcorn and soda and red licorice. 

 Great summer activity, don't you think?! 
(yes, my friends are brilliant)

My plan this summer is to get this place into shape (landscaping wise).  I am clueless when it comes to watering or even planting, so in lieu of birthday gifts, I've requested my family's help in terms of irrigation and plants and something other than dirt!  Hopefully by early fall or maybe even next year I can host an outdoor 'Cin-ANNE-ema!

Well... While the funiture was outdoors for Operation Floor, and I was hobnobbing with Doris Day's employees, my sister hosted her own version (we'll call it a Cin-Jen-ema'). 

I came home to discover Cannon Ball Run II on the back porch. 
Complete with Pizza and Beer!  

Yes, she's brilliant too!!


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