Dog Gone to Carmel!

Not too long ago, a friend invited Riley and me to check out Terry's, a dog-friendly restaurant in the first floor of the dog-friendly Cypress Inn.  

Cypress Inn is located in Carmel and owned by the great film star, Doris Day.  There were pictures and mementos from her films everwhere. 

With Jazz playing softly in the background, Riley and his Weimaramer friend Gage sat with us in the restaurant next to other guests and their dogs; all of whom were spoiled with water and puppy treats by passer-bys and the wait staff.  When it came time to order our dinner, the pups got their choice of chicken or beef.  Riley chose beef and he thought it was well done!

So, if you're ever in Carmel with your canine, check out the Cypress Inn.  Great Music, great staff and great food - the dogs would agree! 

PS - there's a dog beach nearby too!  What are you waiting for?!  Go. NOW!

(images via the Cypress Inn and me)


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