Knock Your Fox Off!!

I picked up a fun and foxy door knocker from Anthropologie the other day. 

Cute, no? (ok, let's not hold back... its A-DOOR-ABLE!!)

I'm excited to put it on my front door...

The Dilemma...  Do I paint it like Bailey (ala Peppermint Bliss) did? 


Or will the quick orange fox look too cartoony against my yellow house and blue door?  

Here's my door again...

I'm tempted to leave it as is... but unpainted brass is so ORDINARY...  then again a foxy door knocker is anything but ordinary...  Maybe I should paint it more of an orangey brown as opposed to ORANGE... 

What to do... what to do...   What do you think?


Jeremy said...

Orange. Orange as a fox!

Seriously, since when did you start thinking something was TOO colorful?! No such thing.

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