Famous Last Words

Warning: Ugly pictures ahead - so here's something pretty instead:
illustration by Julia Rothman
There is much deliberation over the innerwebs over the exact phrasing of Oscar Wilde’s infamous last words. Some say it was curtains, some say it was the wallpaper. Either way… If it’s the wallpaper, I wholeheartedly agree. 

I have nearly rid all of the rooms in my home of the wallpaper. Aside from the wallpaper in my kitchen (which is just waiting for my piggy bank to be full enough for a complete demo/remodel – targeted for 2014 – unless anyone wants to offer donations speed things along), all that is left of my wallpaper cleanse is my guest-bedroom/soon-to-be-office.

As is consistent with the other rooms in the house it is a lovely combination of 1975 wallpaper + paint (or varnish or thinset or mud/glue/clay – take your pick) + 1954 wallpaper. 

Trust me when I say its all very lovely ugly.

at least my nails look pretty
Have I yet conveyed the message that …






Have I yet conveyed the message that I am also sick of whatever my lovely grandparents-who-lived-through-the-depression-and-by-the-credo: 

"Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without"

So whatever it was that they had to use it up or wear it out, they decided to do between layers of wallpaper.  There are two different kinds on this wall too... One is a clay like substance, and the other is more like glue (above)...  Me and My steamer weren't happy with this. 
Anyway...by the end of the weekend (if my social calendar doesn't get in the way - which it is already threatening to do), I will have the rest of this wall and ceiling wallpaper free and then I can start the fun part.... PAINTING!

Amazing transformation coming soon!!
Have a great weekend!


Katie said...

That is a brave undertaking - but it looks like you've gotten pretty far (and without a chip on your mani at that!)

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