A few years ago, in need for a dress to wear to a handful of summer weddings (such is my life), I came across this dress on uber sale at a department store. Except for the few dollars I paid for it, I pranced out of store the feeling like I stole it - the price was too good to be true. The dress was constructed beautifully - as if the designer had as much fun making it as I would wearing it. It was festive, fun, and beautiful but the fit wasn't quite right. After a few moments re-inacting awkward dance moves in the dressing room, I decided with constant supervision, and a little tape, It would be fine and so it has - over the years it's become a great party dress and the compliments rarely stop.

Because the fit was never right, the inner-seamstress in me always questioned what I could do to make it fit me better. The dress was beautifully but complicatedly constructed - it would be more than letting out a seam here or adding a dart there. In the back of my mind I always wished I could find a similar pattern to help me reconstruct it.

Recently, on my way to volunteer for the Nike Women's Marathon, I stopped off at a book store for something to read should I get bored. I somehow meandered into the crafty-book section and almost didn't realize I was staring at my dress on the back cover of a book - Twinkle Sews by Wenlan Chia. Inside were several amazing designs (including that of my dress!) with a pattern CD and instructions. So of course I bought it. And ever since it has not been far; in my laptop bag while at work, on my coffee table at home, in my suitcase on a weekend trip to the family cabin... I've been salivating over the designs taking mental note of what I was going to make when I had the time.

So I had the dress. I had the pattern (and lots others!), but it still didn't solve the problem of the material. It was a unique print - silk/lycra blend charmeuse and fabric stores with this type of fabric in my 'hood are few and far between.

So today, on the last day of 2009, I picked up my book and thumbed through it yet again. On one of the last pages just before the index, I happened to read that some of the fabrics referenced in her book are available for sale on her website. With wondrous luck, I discovered all fabrics were sold out except one - my dress; so I ordered a yard. Once it arrives, I'm sure it will be some addtional time before I'm actually able to sit down and work my magic, but for now - its come full cirle - all seems to be complete.

Happy New Year!! May health, wealth and love touch us all in 2010!