Real vs Fake trees

If you've seen my facebook page you already know it...

I purchased a pink (PINK!) Christmas tree. 

(the happy couple)

here it is at home with my other trees (yes, its true, I have 3 indoors and one more outdoors)

I struggled this year because I've always been a 'fake' Christmas tree kinda girl (yes, I know many of us are on opposite sides of this argument but for the sake of Christmas and peace on earth, let's not argue!)... 

(pardon the phone pic)

Now that I'm a big girl and live in a big girl house, I actually need a big (er... larger) tree.  And being the frugal girl I am, I am waiting for the after Christmas sales before I get one.  So... in the mean time... I delayed and delayed and delayed getting a real (as in real life - not fake an real sized) tree.  

Turns out my eyes were bigger than my living room and I purchased a behemoth and here it is, crammed into my living room corner with a permanant seat on my sofa. 

(Again, pardon the phone pic)
So... as for my big girl / big tree purchase next week.. I'm leaning towards a traditionally non-traditional tree (meaning: anything but evergreen).  Some may argue down the road I may want to go more traditional... and I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it... but for now, I just want all of my Christmases to be like this: 



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