Getting Jiggy with it

Lately I’ve been into the big chunky necklace phase (trend?).  I never thought I could wear the big chunky necklace… at first it all felt wrong – I’ve always been a delicate-necklace-with-sentimental value kind of girl… but with something loud, and colorful, turns out I was the last to realize that it was just matter of time… and with anything fashion related (per my experience), you just gotta put it on, walk out with confidence and own it, baby!

When It started with one colorful bauble, then two.. and now I have more than I can handle (but really, a girl can never have more than she can handle)

Historically I’ve used a cutesy key holder for my necklaces, but with my chunky, loud, statement necklaces, a cutesy key holder wasn't holding it up anymore.
Earlier this year, on a design blog, I came across a silhouette / bust concept, that I thought might just work.  So earlier this month after a filling dinner at an Italian restaurant, I had my first date with a jig (jig saw, that is).  

First I found a silhouette online… Resized it to 11” x 17”… printed it out

Next I traced it on a piece of plywood

Then I got jiggy with the jig saw

Before I placed her on my wall, she got a facial (with sandpaper) and a coat of make-up (paint)… 

See how well she compliments my Mini-Me?


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