Fun DIY Projects...

Once I get settled... Here is a list of DIY projects I intend to embark on in my new home...
  1.  De-Wallpapering and Painting the bathrooms
  2. De-wallpapering and painting the bedrooms

  3. Taking wallpaper off of the ceilings (sensing a theme yet?)

   4.  Perhaps a kitchen remodel? (Ok, maybe I'll get professional help for that...)
  5.  Gussying up this old chair (another treasure found in the back yard)
  6.  Fanci-fy-ing this awesome hanging birdcage chair... Hm... Maybe I can pair it with my 50's-birdcage print-dress-from-curtains...(if I ever get it done)

  7.  Landscaping my backyard... Flowers, vegetables... MMM can't wait!

   8.  Making Lemonade, Lemon Curd, Lemoncello, out of my lemons!


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