Painting the bathroom

Two years ago my sister and I repainted my parents' bathroom.  I believe it came out a little more purple and a little less pink than the interior decorator intended.  My parents mom didn't want to deal with painting again so they decided to live it.  One day at Home Depot my mom haphazardly pointed to a shade of pink and mentioned this was the color she wanted the bathroom to be. 

So when they went out of town one weekend we hit Home Depot, bought all of the supplies and went to the bathroom ... we went to the bathroom, and prepped, primed and painted the walls.  It was during a spring time heat wave. Hot. Muggy. Gross. At least the paint fumes covered up the smell of my sister's sweaty armpits.

I worked fiercely hard

We had a good time and we were REALLY proud of our results.

but then we thought... Did we go too far?  Would they hate it?  Would they be upset we vandalized their property?  Would they applaud us with tears of gratitude, or would they shun us and put coal in our Christmas stockings?  As a precautionary measure... my sister stayed with me for a few days. It was all for naught.  They liked it (Phew!)

And now I'm moving (Ya, I know! No more CLND!!).  Into my grandparent's house  (many-a-future-posts will be on this topic, so be patient my friends.)  I want to share with you what MY new bathrooms look like.  I apologize for the rough pictures... but you'll get the jist. 

This one was probably decorated in honor of Great-Grandma Daisy - No pun intended - I really do have a GG Daisy on that side

The Master Bath
Check out that Wallpaper?!  Straight from the 70s!  Time for an upgrade... a renewal... time for a new paint job. 

Whaddya think?  Should Mom and Dad repay the favor and kindly paint/dewallpaper one of these for me? 

Let's vote!  (Maybe I can bribe Dad with cookies and Mom with


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