Murder at the Juice Joint

Saturday night I was invited to go back in time, to the days of prohibition and bootlegging.  I met with friends at the Juice Joint for a party of Murder, Mystery and Mayhem!

My character was Mabel Biggs, the Mayor's wife

Inspired by the fashion of the era and being the wife of the mayor who was running for govenor (Gavin Newsom, anyone?), I opted for classy over flirty. 

None of this flirty-flapper business. 

 I borrowed my great-grandmother's fur coat (Sorry PETA), my mom's antique purse,  purchased some flowy, textured green chiffon from my local Ghetto Fabric Store and with a few hours of last minute sewing, I had my ensemble for the party. 

Before the party barely got started,

Notorious Nick (who I might add was a bad influence on my husband's career) dropped dead! And we couldn't leave until the murder was solved!

 Here I am with the Mayor - my husband - discussing the murder.  I haven't yet discovered his late nights weren't for the sake of public office, but in fact was spent canoodling with one of those flirty flappers I opted not to dress like! 

Oh! the Heartbreak!! 

by the end of the night, the murder was solved and the Mayor apologized for his infidelities and like the good politician's wife, I stood by my man. 
It was the 1920s after all, divorce was almost unheard of!


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