Thrift Store Refashion: The Purple Gingham Men's Shirt

First let it be known that for one year less than all of the years I've been alive,
I have hated (HATED) the color purple.

Then... about a year ago, with a single pair of shoes (of course it had to be shoes), I slowly began to change my mind and started seriously thinking of incorporating this previously ghastly color into my life.  And then sometime this summer I thought it would be fun to have a purple gingham shirt.

This weekend
At the thrift store
I found a 

Men's Shirt

It was HUGE!

So I took in the sides
Took in the Sleeves
Added some feminine darts both in front and back
and kept the length (sometimes a long shirt is exactly what your stylist ordered!)

Oh ya, I ironed it too!

Here I am at work today, paired with a nice skirt (complete with dog slobber),
belt and a(nother) pair of purple heels!

(so what the heels aren't the same color purple as my shirt,
just be glad I have come to accept Jesus Christ purple into my life!)


Unknown said...

*tear* so proud *tear*

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