I think I've 'Nailed' It!

Last weekend was my uncle's wedding and

A whirlwind!

Because December is always such a busy time professionally (end of quarter, end of year) and socially (can we say Parties anyone?!), I didn't have time to get my nails done before the wedding. 

When I was a teenager and working nights at a fabric store, my supervisor at the time, a spunky woman who wore turtlenecks and puffy paint sweatshirts, had a smoker's cough and always complained about her nails - because they never stayed on.  They were the press-on variety and they'd always be flying off & I'd always find a neon colored one near the register or cutting table and know exactly where she had been. 

So when I think of press-on fake nails, that's always what I think of. 

And yet, I still decided to go this route for the wedding (keeping it classy, of course).  I just had to keep them on through the ceremony and pictures, Right?  So off to Walgreens my sis and I went at 11pm one night last week and picked up a $5 set of fake frenchies. 

Yes this is an also an excuse to show off what cute bridesmaids we were
And here I am, seven days later, clicking away on my keyboard still sporting my fake nails.  They haven't chipped, fallen off or broken!  And the compliments I've received on them?!  Who compliments someone's fingernails?!  I've certainly never received a compliment (or multiple compliments); even after I spend Big Buck$ in $ome fancy $chmancy $alon!
They're awesome!
This may be the way of the future!


Katie said...

I got those for my wedding:) AND fyi for summer...they have them for toes too....

Anne-Tastic! said...

I know!! I was telling my sister about you and the toes... though to be honest, it kind of weirds me out :) Though don't be surprised if I show up to your shower with my little piggies wearing them!

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