Baby Katelyn!

Tomorrow I'm visiting Baby Katelyn who was born on Christmas Eve.  It will be my first time meeting her and like the Wise Men in Bethlehem (and the good girl my mama raised me to be), I come bearing gifts.  Not Frankensence or Myrrh, but onsies - Rumor has it, every baby and every mama can never have too many onsies.   

The idea came to me this morning in that moment when you're first waking up. First errend of the day was to Target to get a pack of plain onsies... The rest... was a fun fun project!

Five Unique onsies ready to be wrapped up

But first - lets look at them in a bit more detail...

Baby K's Initials

Someone's a Cutie-Pie!

Pretty Purple Bow

Orange with Ruffles and yellow buttons
The red-multi fabric came from Liberty of London. I purchased two yards last spring and made a wrap dress out of it.  This was the left over remnants.  I love the print, and feel of the fabric - I wish I purchased more!

And now for my favorite - Makes my ovaries go into overdrive.  My future babies won't leave their crib without these on their bums!

Do these ruffles make my butt look big?

I cannot take credit for the butt ruffles - that was sister/assistant's bright idea.  My first attempt to spell 'POOP' across the bum went in the toilet (figuratively speaking), so she suggested butt ruffles and I'm so glad she did.  Wanna see it in more detail?

pay no attention to the poor stitches

What about the front?!

Pretty ruffle-button flower

Ah!!  Hopefully Baby Katelyn and her mommy will be just as excited as I am!


Lisa said...

Oh my god! It's so true!!! My next question for you is where you ever found plain onesies!!! I can never just find the plain pink pack...they're always floral or crazy prints...or plain white. I love them!

Anne-tastic! said...

I got them at Target - I'm trying to locate a place where I can get them in bulk

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