Pillowcase to Shirt

Keeping with the theme of creating clothing from common household items... Today I embarked on bedding. I recently purchased a new set of jersey knit sheets. I knew I wouldn't use the pillowcases, so in the midst of Super Bowl grocery shopping/cooking, bridesmaid dress fittings (Being a bridesmaid and wedding attendee is a second career for me - but this is off topic - more on that in future posts), I snipped and sewed my way from a pillowcase to a shirt to wear as the nation watched the Saints win the Super Bowl!



How did I do it - You ask? 

  • With the pillow case laid flat on a solid surface; the opening towards the bottom, I laid a favorite tank top on top of the upper portion (closed seams) of the pillow case as a template for the neck, shoulders and armholes

    • the armholes are still unfinished which is why I'm wearing a sweater - that and it is February - Only Californians (Ok, and Hawaiians too) would dare wear a tank top in February.

  • I took in the side seams by a a total of seven to nine inches total to give it that slim-fitting look you see above

  • With the excess fabric from the side seams, I finished the neckline 

  • I liked the length of the pillow case so I decided not to alter that.  It was a comfy, casual look I was going for... helps hide the Super Bowl Yummies I ate AND depending on how its worn, gives it an automatic shirring look which is always flattering. 



Katie said...

Adorable shirt!

Steve McShane said...

Wow. Its ART !!! - Steve

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