Labor Day Weekend

Every year on Labor Day weekend, my friends (and then some) gather for a weekend-o-fun

And Fun… it always is…

Sometimes there are costumes
Most of the time there are games
Maybe a prank or two
Always laughs
And definitely
Good food
Good friends
Good times

We try to add a little educational component or community participation to the mix. The last few years we’ve participated in the Capitola Begonia Festival. Our favorite event is the nautical parade… Pick begonias, decorate a barge and float down the river. It’s a lot of work, but the crowd loves us.

In 2009, we were asked to take 2010 off because THIS:

Turned into THIS:

The Begonia Committee was not amused – something about the capsize being a direct violation of festival permits with both Fish and Game and the City of Capitola.


SOOOOO… this year, we entered into the Sand Castle competition

Grand Prize (not us)

our entry - 4th place

Not nearly as exciting, but it gave us more time to play croquet

Go for a swim

and enjoy the event


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