Thrift Store Refashion: The Maternity Shirt

This is one of the three shirts I picked up at the thrift store the other day.  Unfortunately I do not have a before picture of this... BUT what I do have is a picture of the tag

You see that?!
this is the 10th time I uploaded this photo
and I CANNOT get it to the right composition...
Learn to read sideways.. you get the jist
 MOTHERHOOD Maternity (size L)
Picture your basic button up, long sleeved, collared shirt that some respectable knocked up chick expectant mother would wear to the office.  Add some extra fabric in the 'belly region' and voila.. you have a maternity shirt (don't get excited boys mom/dad)  I'm not ready to shop for these kinds of clothes just yet...)

I 'thrifted' it because I liked colors on the fabric.  I'm a BIG fan of pink/green - ok, any color... and I'm even coming around to the color Purple (Alison)

Now that Summer fall  hot weather is finally here (YAY!)... I just might have an excuse to wear it...

out tonight...?

maybe with a cute skirt and belt? 

What did I do to make this transformation?
  • Chopped off the collar
  • Cut off the sleeves
  • took it in several inches at the sides
  • With the excess fabric from the sides and sleeves, I tore those into strips to add ruffles around the neckline. 


Katie said...

You are crazy creative!!:)

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