Thrift Store Refashion: The Dress

I swung by a thrift store yesterday after work to:
a) find a ratty heavy metal shirt for a white trash party (fail)
b) find a discarded pedistal table that I may refinish and display proudly in my entry way (fail)

What I did find was 1 gorgeous wool coat, 1 dress, 3 tops and a scarf.  The coat and scarf I will leave be... the rest will need a little love and care at the sewing machine...

And here I present my first thrift store refashion:

The Dress:

As you can see the lining leaves a little too much to the imagination, so I took the flimsy sash meant to tie around the waist; took it apart and used it to extend the lining by about six inches.  I also took about six inches off of the sleeves and added a belt from my wardrobe...  Voila!

A whole new look! 
Perfect for a night out on the town!


Lan said...

Love the new neckline and shorter sleeves. Looks great!

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