Aside from the one fashion design class (that I stopped going to half way through the term), I don't have any formal academic fashion design training (that doesn't mean I don't rock at it though!)  Everyhing is self taught or learned from my mom. 

Somewhere in my mind I thought in order to be a designer you had to be a good drawer (as in one that draws, not something you put your socks in).  I'm probably not the worst with paper and a pencil, but as a designer and seamstress I rarely put an idea onto paper.  Occasionally, yes, but as a practice, no.  I usually mull it around in my head until I can translate it into a shape, materials, etc. and once I get the vision perfected, that's when I get to work! 

Well, my friends, I think that is about to change!  Earlier this month, my friend Lan gave me something called a Fashionary - It is more than pretty cool.  Its a sketchbook targeted at fashion designers.

The neat thing about it is each page has little dotted lines that form a figure; a guide for your sketching. 
I used up several pages already sketching out ideas for both Halloween and other future projects!

Overall, I'd say it speeds up my creative process and is a great way to get my creative juices flowing.  This book both relaxes and invigorates me all at once!

To get your own... check out  - they have a men's template book too!



Katie said...

Awesome!!! I love the costume too!!! Can't wait for pictures.

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Lan said...

Nice sketches!

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